Get Antenna now

Meet Antenna, the world’s first open-source mobile event listing platform, designed to help event organisers & developers to manage, publish and mobilise their event details simply and easily.

It’s a three part platform: a web-based CMS; a mobile module; and an email module – and best of all, it’s free.

Using it’s a piece of Cake…

Antenna is a Cake PHP based open source framework so using it is easy:

Reach a wider audience

Using Antenna to publicise your events will get the word out further, through mobile and email, while at the same time saving you bags of admin time in the process.

And it all started in Dublin…

…with a man named Joerg and the Dublin Event Guide, a free newsletter he lovingly curated every week for 5 years. Using our serious design chops, iQ Content designed and built Antenna to mobilise it, making it even more useful, accessible and easy-to-use for anyone wanting to know what’s on in the city.

Antenna brought the Dublin Event Guide to an even wider audience, and now it’s yours to use and configure to fit your brand and your events.

Antenna is just beginning

We’re releasing it as an open-source tool: free now and forever for developers to use, improve, and extend.

So take it, run with it and bring to places we can’t even imagine…